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Career success for women in the world of television

Attended by hundreds of participants, the Seminar "Successful Career in TV world" followed by a workshop "How To Be A Great News Anchor" with Tina Talisa lively place.

Lasts 19 April 2012, began a series of activities Indosiar Indosiar Academy 2012, and first visited the campus this time is Paramadina University. In addition to seminars and workshops, the event which took place in 6 cities by visiting the campus - the campus is also renowned employment opportunities for students interested in becoming a crew Indosiar.

Program of seminars and workshops that are part of the Academy program is a series of Indosiar 2012 core program that is Vibrant Indosiar. The event was also accompanied by the recruitment of candidates for the Miss Indonesia 2012 will not only be attended by students Paramadina, but some students from other universities. Andi Natasya as Miss Indonesia Tourism 2011, was also present explained his experience being part of the family of Miss Indonesia 2011.

"Broadcaster's team come from various disciplines, who was a broadcaster, especially in the presentation of news, to be presented in-depth discussion of various topics are diverse, sometimes the experts could be a reporter, named correspondent at large," said Nurjaman Mochtar as the Chief Editor Indosiar and news director, who became one of the speakers at the seminar.

He also explained that the broadcaster was making something like the audience is not something he likes himself, because the ratings to determine the success of a program. Questions - questions about rating keen flowed from students who are so enthusiastic about the seminar, which is opening this workshop.

In the seminar, a presentation of Amin Soefijanto Toto (1 Deputy Rector, University of Paramadina convey the message to prospective professional broadcaster, that becoming a broadcaster must have a minimum of an undergraduate education. He also explains the cycle of one's fame in the TV world is only 3.5 years while the TV program cycle popular it is only 2.5 years and therefore this profession requires high creativity in addition to physical and mental strength.

The event continued with a workshop which is guided directly by Tina Talisa, and Tina begin this workshop challenged the participants to be able to practice immediately become a news anchor.

"Today never thought once to be the enthusiasm of the participants is so great. Initially think, 10 people is enough for this challenge, it turns out 35 people climbed onto the stage. Of the 35 men who ultimately selected the best 5 second best we will invite me to accompany the live broadcast on Focus tomorrow and after tomorrow morning, "said Tina Vemale found after the show. Actions of the participants was also broadcast live in a Focus Day.

Women who began his career as a speaker TVRI news Indosiar 2004 and joined the end of 2011 also revealed as a working capital of the world's broadcast is a passion, because it starts from the heart, he will continue to have the intention to improve himself. Other capital according to Tina is high creativity and ability to cooperate with others. The ability to express opinions and accept opinions of others is a form of strong collaboration capabilities and this should be owned by the broadcaster.

Tina also confirms what if someone who can not cooperate with others, must interact with his team. Call it experience itself which must continue to coordinate with the program director, floor director, audio man, lighting man, cameraman. Ability to execute is also considered important by the anchor whose name is soaring at a local News TV station.

"As a carrier of news, vocal and body is necessary, because we work in the audio visual media, so it should be convenient to be heard and seen, must sit in an upright state, facial expression, intonation, articulation, power, speed must also be considered" , said Tina.Closing our interview, she explained that the academy Indosiar, this time turning to more educational side, closer to the students, holding seminars and workshops campus to campus. According to the source - the source of the next broadcaster can be obtained from the campus. Indosiar recruiting goals and Miss Indonesia from campus to campus, is to find a new enthusiasm on campus. Also to be closer to the audience and invite people - people who are interested in the TV world, to plunge into the world broadcaster.

sources: (VEM / ana / miw)


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