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Findings planet Mars

The discovery of rocks, Element and Materials

Unlike rocks collected from the moon or other planets, stone objects / materials that are found in the MARS is arguably quite surprising. Why is that? because of the rock / material has a very complex form, having in terms of detail and there is an almost symmetric even function. The photos of this invention have been found since the first landing on Mars and immediately suppressed.
A. Stone to form a perfect pyramid (abrasion, erosion, erosion by nature?) Whether nature can be as detailed as this?

2.Stone to form a rectangular piece

3. Stone with a rectangular shape, consider the design.


Square with the details

5. Object to the shape of the arch, has almost as tooling detail

6. Arrow form.

7. Wow! detail. Mirip apa ya?

8. And it's almost like Tang clamp with a perfect arch shape

9. And this one, much like kerukan tractor, with holes and cracks are symmetrical and 2 holes on the back buffer

10.Building debris?

11th. It is a hilly area with a width of a giant in the MARS for many miles, but the interesting part of this area is a PATTERN! These hills are divided into neatly structured the pattern!

12.And this is the photo taken from satellites in the march. And the results wow, a neatly landscaped area.

13. Which is certainly often clay, this photo was widely circulated on google.

14. Which is also easily found in google, Cydonia monument shaped like the face and the pentagram, said he was once a "city".

15. If that is taken from an orbiting satellite captured the above MARS, an object like a monument / memorial square shaped upright.

And maybe just a wild theory called the "ancient astronaut" or the ancient astronaut really exist, where the theory holds that what is meant by an alien that is our own.

That the earth is a colony of a very advanced civilization, the planet around the galaxy looking for a decent place to live.

source: http://www.apakabardunia


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