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This car was once the world's fastest car

1. Bugatti Veryon
This super car produced by Volkswagen Group and Bugatti Automobiles SAS is regarded as the most high acceleration and breaking it. First produced in 2005 at a cost of 1.1 million euros. W-16 engine producing 987 horsepower and allows to reach speeds of 429 km / h.
2. SSC Ultimate Aero

Sports cars made ​​by Shelby Super Cars are produced in limited quantities for one car only worth about $ 620,000, or about 5.5 billion. The maximum speed recorded during the test drive is 413 km / h.

3. Koenigsegg CCX

This sports car manufactured by the Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg. Engine power of 806 horsepower and maximum speed of 400 km / h.
4. Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
Cooperation carmaker Saleen, Hidden Creek Industries, Phil Frank Design, and Ray Mallock Ltd has produced a sports car called the S7 Twin-Turbo. S7 appears to esin V8 that produces 750 horsepower and produces a maximum speed of up to 402 km / h.
5. McLaren F1

McLaren F1 was the fastest road racing car produced by McLaren Automotive. This car was once the world's fastest cars. Reaches its maximum speed of 371 km / h.



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