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weakness of self-destructive
From the book Personality Plus, we can conclude there are approximately 20 properties that can destroy ourselves, namely:

A. Bashful

Often avoid attention because of embarrassment

2. unforgiving

It's hard to forget the heartache suffered injustice, grudge usual

3. Resentful

Often harbored resentment due to be offended by the fact / fantasy

4. fussy

Insist on asking great attention to detail / light thing

5. insecure

Often feel sad / anxious / fear / lack of trust

6. unpopular

Likes to ask someone else to perfectly suit his

7. Hard to please

Like to set a standard that is too high which are difficult to fulfill by others

8. Pessimistic

Often see the bad side first in any situation

9. Alienated

Often feel alienated / insecure, afraid that other people are not welcome

10. negative attitude

Rarely positive thinking, often only see the bad side / dark every situation

11. Withdrawn

Often after a long time outs / pull out / seclusion

12. too sensitive

Too introspective / want to be understood, easily offended when misunderstood

13. Depressed

Almost all the time feeling depressed

14. introvert

Thought and attention directed inward, living in self-

15. Moody

Her spirits are fallen dramatically, especially if do not feel appreciated

16. Skeptical

Not easy to trust, question the motives behind the words

17. Loner

Require a lot of personal time, tend to avoid others

18. Suspicious

Suspiciously like / do not believe the words of others

19. Revengeful

Conscious / unconscious often hold feelings, holding grudges, wants to return

20. critical

Like to evaluate / assess / think / criticize negatively

sources http://reallife65


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