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interesting thing about breast

A. Average weight about 0.5 kg breast and save 4-5% of total body weight.
2. Like the penis, breast tense when aroused.
3. The average female nipple is 3/8 inch when tense. Slightly higher than the 5 coins are stacked.
4. The average breast size in America is 36C. 15 years ago was a 34B.
5. Size was not interesting in the middle ages because they are small, large breasts are considered a good time.
6. In 2008, there were 307,230 breast augmentation surgery in America. This is the number one cosmetic surgery, over the beheading of nose surgery and liposuction in 279 000 in 245 000. 30% of breast surgery patients aged 20-29, 35% aged 30-39 and 28% aged 40-54.
7. One operation worth nearly 33 million dollars. That is just the beginning of the operation. Usually required additional surgery to correct wrinkles and waves.
8. Approximately 20 967 women in 2008 to thwart their operations. And 17 902 breast reduction surgery done ... for men.
9. Initially, breast implants implanted for a variety of materials with harmful results, such as ivory, glass balls, ground rubber, ox cartilage, polyester and silicone injections. Surgery with silicone popular in the 1960s that actually causes some health complications such as granuloma and disability.
10. Sheyla Hersey said to get a boob job in the world. He is now wearing a bra size of 38KKK and invested as much as 10.000cc (2.6 gallons).
11. Kind of bra shop has been there for her since the 7th century BC, but the measurement of magnitude is not measured until 1930ab. Now, the bra industry to make 16 billion dollars per year.
12. If you do not want to wear a bra, women should lehal topless in Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, New York and Maine. Although they can still be arrested for disturbing the public. The woman who caught topless on the beach Dubai 6 months in jail.
13. Breast milk is sweeter, more vitamin E, more iron, more essential fatty acids and less sodium than cow's milk.
14. Left and right breast is usually not the same. The left is usually larger.
15. Do not smoke if you do not want saggy breasts. Chemical substances eliminating the skin elasticity.


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